about me!

Hello! This section is still under construction.

My name is Isaac Neptune, and I use they/them and zie/hir pronouns. You can call me Isaac, Neptune, Nep, or any other variant of my names.

I am an autistic transgender high school senior living in Australia, currently studying mathematics and physics. As well as most of the STEM subjects, I enjoy analysing media, writing, knitting and crocheting, teaching, TTRPGS, and sorting things. I like learning about how my brain works, too - on top of being autistic, I have ADHD and a possible tic disorder alongside some mental health struggles.

I really like stories! Both for entertainment and as a way to address specific topics. Some of my favourite pieces of media are:
~ [book and movie] The Lord of the Rings
~ [book and show] Good Omens
~ [podcast] The Magnus Archives
~ [podcast] Welcome to Night Vale
~ [podcast] The Strange Case of Starship Iris
~ [podcast] Wooden Overcoats
~ [TV show] The X-Files
~ [TV show] The Good Place
~ [movie] The Social Network
~ [movie] The Princess Bride
~ [movie] Howl's Moving Castle
~ [book] The Disasters
~ [book] The Secret History
~ [book] The Goldfinch
~ [book] Obernewtyn
~ [book] The Hunger Games
~ [game] Stardew Valley
~ [game] Minecraft
If all goes to plan, I'll be posting about some of these here! I'm hoping to keep a media journal, noting down everything I watch/read/listen to and my opinions on it.