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My (internet) name is Isaac Neptune (Nep, Isaac, Tunafish, Mx Fish, whatever) and my pronouns are they/them and zie/hir. I also sometimes vibe with he/him or she/her, but not for very long stretches, so I'd rather you don't use those.

- autistic / adhd / tic haver
- queer
- math person
- leftist
- muppets enjoyer

13 things I like and 13 things I don't:

hanging out with my friends :)
maths (especially imaginary numbers and combinatorics)
media analysis (not 4 a grade)
MS Paint
highschoolers who let themselves be cringe and weird
the magnus archives
rss and atom feeds
straightforward people
interesting clothes
brutalist architecture
horror in general (despite being a coward)

ableism/queerphobia/general bigotry
people who hate little kids
americans who forget other countries exist
elitism and "dark academia"
honestly just "aesthetic subcultures" in general (but individual ppl r ok)
elon musk fans
ppl who keep bringing up how sad they are
capitalism + hustle culture
instagram / facebook / twitter
ppl who make suicide jokes
entitled christians
fast fashion

what else is important/interesting abt me?? uhhh i like interpreting things through a queer lens that were absolutely not intended 2 be interpreted that way (for example, the x files). i have 2 close friends irl and id kill for them but i struggle to form bonds with most other people. i'm bad at replying to emails but email me anyways i love reading them. my favourite program on my computer is MS Paint and my second favourite is Atom. i have a lot of feelings abt religion. i have two lighters which i treasure even tho i don't smoke. i have four siblings, and i'm the eldest, i live in rural aus, i'm the family dog's favourite. (her name is lola!)

i cry easily and have no filter at all, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. my room is always clean (and when it's not i get upset) and i hope you have a good day!

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