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First off, belatedly, happy trans day of visibility! May all of us continue to be the coolest folks around. And secondly, happy trickery day to all who celebrate. (That is, April fool's.) And thirdly, happy early birthday to my friend, who turns 18 tomorrow.

The flood has continued. It's genuinely surreal to be going through life, thinking about maths and social problems and assignments and podcasts and whatever the 𝕗𝕦𝕔𝕜 is going on in my head, while there are people missing, and friends trapped... not in danger, but still, trapped. It's just weird, you know? And most people I've talked to about it, agree - once you dig through the horror and anxiety and devastation of it all, it's just weird. Such a deviation from the norm. I feel all kinds of detached, even though I'm essentially on a very large flood-surrounded island right now.

And yet, life goes on. Assignments continue, albeit delayed. In the next week, I need to finish my unit on integration so I can move on to revising proofs and vectors in the holidays. (Extension II is a wonderful mathematics course, but it's absolute hell in terms of study load.) I have art and physics exams too, and an english assignment due next friday. In the holidays, I'll be catching up with Z, working on a large fan project with some friends, studying, beginning the scholarship application processes and possibly going on a family vacation. I also want to read a lot, and watch at least two seasons of TXF. Lots to do. Maybe I'll ask my sister to change my tumblr password, so I won't be tempted to doom-scroll. And that's all between my two major commitments: working (my job was kind enough to give me this term off, but no more, which is fair) and volunteering with the relief effort,,,, and also all my appointments,,,,,,,,

Yikes. That's the first time I've typed it all out. I only get two weeks.. maybe I'll have to cut down on some of those things. (Or, uh, take my Ritalin a liiiiiiittle bit more consistently.) But, at least I'm dropping art, and physics is still prelim, so I only really need to worry about keeping on top of my maths courseload and doing my english assignment, at least until next week is over.

Don't be like me. Do your homework when it's assigned.