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i am kind of freaking out! a lot! but i guess that's par for the course. now that it's actually coming down to it i don't want to move. but i kind of have to - i mean, obviously i have to now, i signed a lease, but i have to anyways to go to university. and i have to go to university - i don't know anything else i could do.

my moving date is set, officially, for may 14th. i didn't get the train studio, which is a shame, but i'm still excited about this place :^) i'm planning out how im going to lay out my furniture, and how i'm going to decorate it. i'll be bringing up my desk, a little set of drawers (storage) and possibly my bed - still figuring that out. i'm going up on either monday or tuesday to pick up the keys. signing the lease was scary - so many terms and conditions, i read through the whole thing. it specifically stated i can't use blu-tac :( so i'm going to have to find some other way to decorate - it's office-minimalist as hell and i can't live like that for very long.

currently housesitting for my friend, so trying to get some math done this weekend so i don't have to worry as much next week.

I'm moving out in less than a month! I've been looking forward to this since I was 11 years old and I am so so so scared. I've been approved for my second choice of place - about 1.5 hours by bus to the uni, shared with two others, i get my own office bedroom and bathroom. still waiting to hear about the first choice of place though - she said she'd get back to me by wednesday and I really have to respond to this offer like.. tomorrow. my first choice is SO COOL - it's a little studio that's been converted from an old train carriage, w/ kitchenette and bathroom. it's sofuckingcool and also only about an hour ten by bus to the uni. both options are good though!! i just want the train one more. either way though - i am so nervous! i can't even remember to brush my teeth every day! why am i being given a lease!

I know I'll figure it out once I get there but the waiting is killing me. trying to figure out what i'll need to bring and i just... don't know.