A cropped photo of a person wearing black jeans, a white blouse and a bright purple waistcoat. Two mugs topped with whipped cream in front of a TV. Chocolate, sugar and cinnamon in a saucepan. A blurry photo of a house surrounded by trees. A paper crane hanging from a string, with playing cards stuck to the wall behind. A collection of baking ingredients, including chocolate chips. A library shelf. One book is partially covered with a piece of paper that says 'TER', so it reads 'imposter' with an among us drawing. A group of purple flowers on a hill. A bee in a dandelion. A powerline in front of a cloudy sky. A small black and white terrier curled up, asleep. A small farm shed at night. A small farm shed at night. A sunset. A tall tree against a blue sky. A selection of knitted jumpers.