1x24 2x10 The government conducted experiments on children with extraterrestrial material from Roswell beginning in 1947.

1x24 Organism or virus, similar to chloroplasts - designed for gene therapy (injection). Contains extraterrestial nucleotides.

3x24 4x07

Cancer Man is Mulder's dad

and possibly samantha's too!!

1x13 1x24 2x08 2x21 3x04 Scully possibly has some psychic intuition or ability, likely shared by the other women in her family.

2x24 3x09 In each of these episodes, the remains of a possible group of E.B.Es are found, having been executed by the government.

3x20 This episode possibly contains clues relevant to the true nature of "alien abductions" such as Scully's. However, ?????????

2x10: Red Museum Purity Control being tested on children and possibly livestock by Dr Jeremy Larson in Delta Glen, Wisconsin, before his assassination by the Crew-Cut Man. Notes:
- Scully can sense when she is being watched
- The children experienced a flu-like illness after the tests ended
- Signs of scopolamine (a hallucinogen) were found in the kidnapping victims
- Gary Kane claimed to have been possessed by a spirit of some kind, which was never explained (possibly Purity?)
The Crew-Cut Man was theoretically killed at the end of this episode

1x02 Extraterrestrial technology was recovered from Roswell in 1947 and some transferred to Ellens Air Base, Idaho.

The human-presenting things with green fluid:
- at least one used to be human
- superhuman abilities
- related to Purity Control (1x24)
also related to the clones?:
- the crew-cut man everywhere

Smallpox (and vaccination) linked to some kind of experiment, link to Samantha clones and the farm bees???

Marita Covarrubias is in it with the Smoking Man

Scully, like the other women who were abducted, is suffering from a cancer induced by her abduction. The Smoking Man claims to have a cure.


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Michael Kritschgau - Department of Defense employee claiming to know the entire truth (everything about aliens was a government hoax)

Roush Technologies - bioengineering company, connected to late Section Chief Scott Blevins and Michael Kritschgau