my link collection!!

Here, you'll find interesting websites, picrews, projects, resources, whatever. If I find it interesting, I'll link it along with a comment! no particular order so far.

~~~neocities mutuals (and preexisting friends :3)~~~
sammmhehe ~ griftown ~

~~~some other cool personal websites!!~~~

~~~random links~~~ - obligatory link to the neocities website, just in case you haven't seen it. - somehow this is one of the most soothing websites i've ever seen. ive set it to open on browser startup. it's incredible. - a very fun embed for your site! warning for music that autoplays. - this website also has a 𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕥 ton of cool things but i particularly like this game. it might be a bit tricky to load (it was for me) but it is worth it imo. warning for slightly shrill music that autoplays. - an online interactive(?) art exhibition that u rlly just have to see for yourself. I haven't been through the whole thing yet, but it looks fascinating. - this website has some fun interactive things on it! it's about twenty years old, as far as I can tell. - i like it :) - a fun windows 93 simulator - a tma fansite (also check out the main site! it's very cool) - honestly i haven't looked much at this but it's a cool concept! a large organised text rp forum - a daily journal, still being updated, by a woman in her late 70s. She's been at it for more than two decades now. nothing particularly notable about the contents, but it is an interesting, active little piece of history! - this absolute madman has categorised an incredible amount of tv crossovers in order to work out which shows actually occur in the same universe. did you know The X-Files is in the same universe as I Love Lucy, M*A*S*H, Seinfeld and Agents of SHIELD? - emails you the original Dracula, in real time. the website explains better than I could! (starts may 3) - an old website dedicated to X-Files fanfiction awards! i've only read one or two of these, so I can't speak to the content, but i just HAVE to point out the 1.5 million word Krycek/Skinner fic. It's something else. (is that good? bad? who knows.) most of the links are dead, but check the wayback machine! it seems to have most of them!

~~~resources~~~ - tool to help you make a blog on neocities or similar program - a website that explains how to use most commands in html, css, javascript and other languages. this is always my first stop when I'm trying to Do Something. - BUTTONS. SO MANY BUTTONS. the page may take a little while to load all the images. warning for many flashing gifs. - a search engine that prioritises text-heavy, SEO-light websites - like this one! - a similar search engine but just for neocities pages. - a website full of anarchist texts and references. the link takes you to On Anarchism by Noam Chomsky, but there's so many other resources on that site - i encourage you to look around. - a website that summarises the terms and conditions for you - css styling to make things look like windows XP or 98 (a very cool resource!!) - more buttons!!! these ones are sorted by category, i got a lot of mine from here - a tool that hosts tiny, self-contained little websites.. i really don't know how to explain it, you'll just have to see. does what it says on the tin. link goes to burning text generator :)

~~~webrings/site collections~~~
low tech webring - focus on small, personal games and projects
yesterweb webring - i think we're all familiar with this one, a webring for the old web
JAUP! - the Just Another Useless Page site
geekring - a simple webring for geeky websites
netizens webring - webring for personal websites
hotline webring - sites showing off individual personality
retronaut webring - a lot of people seem to be part of this one, but there's very little info on the page
nerd listings - a collection of various webrings, forums, fansites, blogs, etc