Monologue; Exterior

It's safe to walk around Evans at night. It is dark. Everybody is safe. And besides, it's dark, so they can't see your face. Everybody's faceless in the dark. So there’s definitely no need to worry.

It's safe to walk around Evans at night, as long as you don't meet their eyes. Don't talk to anybody at night. Just keep walking. Nobody has a face in the dark. Why are we out here? Where are our faces? It's safe to walk around Evans at night, but don't meet their eyes.
    Don't worry. You're safe here. You're one of us. It's safe to walk around Evans at night. Actually, it doesn't matter. Look at their eyes. You won't see anything anyway. Nobody has a face in this dark.

Look harder. Look more. Where are their eyes? There's too much shade, and the moon's gone - they're looking at you, why are you staring. Of course they have eyes. Don't be stupid. They look at you with their eyes. You stop looking. Don't meet their eyes. It's safe to walk around Evans at night. Stop looking at the eyes.
    It's still looking at you with its eyes. Its eyes that are in its face. The moon is back. I don't think those are eyes. Of course they are. Don't be stupid. Don't be rude. Don't look at their eyes.
    What does their nose look like? Of course it has a nose. You can see it. Well, if you squint. Where else would that shadow be coming from? Not its eyes. Well, let's move on.
    I mean, it has a mouth. You can see the mouth, right? It has lips and tongue and teeth. That’s a mouth. The skin is chicken, wet and raw, the one defrosting on the sink at home that you told her to put in the oven at 5:10 and take it out at 5:50 and I'll be home soon I promise make sure you turn the oven off look after your brother this will just take me a moment I'll be home soon. I love you. The meat sits on the counter.

Its lips are soft, like sausages. Like flowers.

It's safe to walk around Evans at night. As long as you don't look too closely. Keep walking. Keep walking. Why did you stop? Why were you staring? It's rude to stare.
    Wait, where were you going again? You have to get home soon because she's on her own and it's only for a second, you just have to get something quickly and you didn't want to wake him up because

Why did you leave it? It was saying something to you, and you just walked off. How rude. Weren't you listening? Listen to me. Look at my eyes when I'm talking to you. It is looking at you with its eyes. Why aren't you listening? Nobody has a face in our dark. The moon is gone again. So is the sun. So are the stars.
    Its voice is like when you squelched those bones and blood and eyes and meat through that grinder one Christmas to make pork sausages with your family, and you knew that if you pushed and squished too hard your fingers would go too because there's no difference, really, meat is meat and you are meat and sorry Mum what were you saying? I wasn’t listening I was just thinking about the

Where did it go? It’s left you. All alone. Don’t worry. I’ll never leave you. Isn’t that what you said to her? What a funny joke.

What was her name again? Her. You know, your daughter? Your child? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten her. She’ll be so upset. Like when you left her in the park? When you left her at home without the keys? Oh wait… that was today. Whoops.

The little thing you got so worked up about - it’s gone! Gone forever. So why are you still unhappy? You’re hard to please. Do you think the shop’s open? Look in the dark window. It’s in there. You can see it. Nose, mouth, eyes…

Oh, it’s got hair now. I don’t think it had hair before. The street light reflects off the window. What else is a reflection? What else has changed?

When was the last time you looked in a mirror?

It was before you left, wasn’t it. Before you left her, all alone.

You were right. That’s a reflection. It’s not a nightmare. Or maybe it is. But you know what?

That’s okay. You know why? Because you're one of us. None of us have faces any more. What, you didn’t know?
    It's not safe to walk around Evans at night. Not if we can see your face.