An introduction to the Small Web, alternatives to Google products and less-predatory social medias.

The current internet sucks. “Social" media is no more than an advertising platform, Google is collecting literal gigabytes of information on you, Facebook has a profile on you whether you like it or not. Luckily there are a lot of very smart people who also think it sucks, and want to change it. By depriving big companies of their products - because don’t kid yourself, you are the product - we can help make the internet a fun place to be again!

Alternatives to Google

  • - a large list of alternatives to Google services (not all are perfect but better than Google at least)
  • - free email with end-to-end encryption (the company cannot access your email content even if subpoena'd)
  • - free, open-source OpenOffice or Google Docs alternative
  • - browser that doesn't track you + blocks other trackers
  • - massive collection of useful links ordered by category maintained by volunteers
  • - search engine that doesn't track you

    Alternative social medias

  • and - twitter alternatives (post + receive "status updates")
  • - new myspace
  • - creative blogging/scrapbooking tool, super fun!!!! kind of similar to tumblr
  • - similar to discord but decentralised + end2end encrypted

  • Many of these "social medias" require you to use an RSS/Atom reader to subscribe to other feeds. My personal recommendation is protopage:


  • Creating your own space on the internet

  • - free website hosting w/ no ads or watermarks
  • - simple tool to make a blog on a html site
  • - coding tutorial, took me less than 2 hours very useful
  • - another tutorial/reference (more in depth but less tutorial-y)

  • This doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, but:

  • - collection of interesting computerish articles and very civil + nice forum (don't be put off by the name)

  • Interesting/cool personal websites

  • - why does this matter?
  • - further reading + the author’s personal link collection and website
  • - some of my favourite sites

  • Feel free to contact me if you're interested in learning more / need any help!