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Why do some words look π•π•šπ•œπ•– π•₯π•™π•šπ•€? despite me being Literally A Senior In High School, I have to deal with a parental control app. Said app auto-censors all swearing, including (apparently) my own g𝕠ddamn html. To get around this, all swear words look π•π•šπ•œπ•– π•₯π•™π•šπ•€, or are otherwise formatted weirdly

I don't recognise the button you're using to link to my site. sorry about that! I wanted to format them all the same, so I went ahead and made some buttons on my own for the sites that didn't have any. if i've made a button for your site and you like it, feel free to take it! credit not necessary (although appreciated!). if you do have a button for your site and i just overlooked it, contact me and i'll change it :3

Why are there two versions of your site? accessibility is important! i think it's unfair that someone with, say, limited vision or epilepsy should be effectively blocked out from looking at personal websites. rather than cut down on the cool features i wanted to add, i decided to make a separate version of the site without custom fonts or flashing gifs or whatever!

Has anyone ever actually asked you these questions? ....... that's irrelevant.

My current plans for updating this site are:
~ Weekly updates to the links page
~ Whenever-I-want-to updates to the journal (probably about weekly)
~ Weekly RSS feed updates with a list of new content
~ Occasional updates to the media journal, whenever I, you know, do things
~ Random π•€π•™π•šπ•₯ whenever I feel like it :)

Possible future site content:
~ Thoughts on film and visual media
~ Creative writing
~ Thoughts on horror fiction
~ Collections of interesting links
~ Interesting math things
~ Writings on neurodivergency
~ Other kinds of art

Site to-do list:
~ customise cursor
~ learn xml
~ add music page
~ add original fiction page
~ finish the "about me" page
~ sort out my stylesheet
~ make the site mobile accessible
~ work on shrines
~~~ ofmd
~~~ tma
~~~ others?
~ update media log (wwdits)
~ add uquizzes and picrews
~ update journal
~ update rss feed (it's been a while)
~ resync site content w accessible version
~~~ actually maybe work out a way to just.. have them in the same page somehow... i can work out changeable themes, right?? (1 google later) yes i can!

This site is getting updated frequently, but I'm very bad at updating the changelog. I'm going to try and keep a bit more of a log here!

Changelog 31.3.22
Added a π•€π•™π•šπ•₯-ton of gifs to the sidebar and a whole bunch of new links to the links page. Also, new journal and media log entries, and (VERY exciting) custom scrollbar!

Changelog 27.3.22
I got JAUP'd! And added to the Yesterweb webring. :D

Changelog 26.3.22
Finished updating the site accessible version. I am no longer ashamed of it.

Be prepared for this site to contain some Actual Content soon! Now that I'm mostly happy with the layout, I can focus on actually putting stuff out there. Don't think I'm done fiddling, though. Over the next month or so, I plan to:
~ add a custom cursor or at LEAST add sparkles
~ add a custom scrollbar
~ set up a PROPER stylesheet
~ learn how to add images etc to the RSS feed
~ add two more sections: shrines and original fiction
So, stay posted for those! :3

Changelog 25.3.22
Today was just a LOT of fiddling. You might have noticed the new boxes at the top of this text area - also, a new RSS feed! Added two new neocities mutuals as well. Also, most notably: I changed the index page, and the accessible site version! it now looks much more presentable. Still in the process of changing all the pages to the new format - about halfway there - but the pages i've done look WAY better. I've also messed around with the code a little, and both site versions should now be reasonably readable even when super zoomed in.

Changelog 23.3.22
I feel like I did a lot today but also, not really anything at all. Mostly I just websurfed. (Whoops.) Still, I added a new section for buttons in /links.html, and I added a webneko to the home page! :D I haven't fully synced it with the accessible version, but I will tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I need to add my 88x31 button. I'm quite proud of it but idk where to put it....

Changelog 21.3.22
Standardised the page appearances for the default + accessible versions! And added a folder on my end to store all my images in. Also, the 404 page is looking a lot nicer. I've added /accessible/media_journal.html and /accessible/page_template.html, and links on every accessible page to the unmodified equivalent. I really don't like how the landing page looks... maybe I'll change it to have the normal background, but not animated, and to look more like the default site. Not right now though, homework time.

Someone remind me to make a custom scrollbar. I don't like the current one, but what would I change it to, I wonder... also, I want to add more buttons to the site.

Updated media log.

Changelog 20.3.22
Added a links page and pretty much emptied my bookmarks bar. Also created /page_template.html. I need to create /accessible/page_template.html and also standardise my page appearance a little - each page's CSS is slightly different. I wish I could get my style sheet to work, but alas...
I also added /media_journal.html, but it's getting late so I'll have to add /accessible/media_journal.html another time. Also, while I'm listing things: my "404 page not found" page is not looking good. I'll have to fix that up. And I'd like to add "view accessible ver" buttons for every page, sometime. That sounds painful, though, so I'll maybe wait until next weekend.

Changelog 15.3.22
Created and linked simplified version of the site. Now I can add as many over the top features as I want, without sacrificing accessibility! (Maybe I'll get around to adding a custom cursor soon...)